Who Moved My Cheese?

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Change is the only permanent thing in life . . .

While attending seminar for COOP leaders, I learned an important lesson which moved me forward to do something very important. During that training, the speaker was kind enough to share a slideshow of the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest that you do. I’m certain it would make a difference in your life as it did mine and many leaders just like you (I’m not an endorser, just a happy “user”).

Leaders . . . Prepare to Learn!

The story tells about 2 characters, men (miniature people to fit the plot) and mice (interestingly, they act like real leaders). They enjoyed life so much because of abundant supply of resource (cheese), until one day . . . the cheese suddenly disappeared.

The mice, being depicted as wiser than the men, (well, leaders are supposed to be) immediately planned for options to fill the loss, while the men complained and kept asking, “Who moved my cheese?” Shortly thereafter, the mice found another supply of cheese, more abundant and more than enough for all. So, they invited the men to take a look for themselves so they can devise plans to benefit from it. However, the men refused and continued asking, “Who moved my cheese?”

How did it change my way of thinking (consultants also need to think sometimes . . . and leaders as well)?

You see, for several months, I was stuck and refused to move forward. I kept on complaining and griping why my webhost just took down my site . . . Don’t they know it took me more than 10 years to build and care for? How could they? That was the work of my whole life . . . Why?

In that seminar, I saw myself in the “men” . . . felt the anger and frustrations they felt . . . heard myself complaining, “Who moved my cheese?”  Then I saw the mice, borrowed their wisdom, and decided to move forward.

That was barely 2 months ago, and now our new website – The Leaders' Ladder is back and live (otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this).

Things change, and sometimes not to our liking. Instead of staying stuck and ask “Who moved my cheese?” let’s rather say “Now, let’s go find another cheese!”

Question for Leaders: What lessons did you learn?

(I would be happy to hear from you, and would be happier still to see your comments to the posts here. Let’s make good use of it to learn together, and remember the wisdom of the mice.)

Be well, and lead well.


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The cheese is always there; Leaders – let's go find it.