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Leadership Development Is a Must!

Leadership Development

“The position does not make the leader, but the leader makes the position.” – John Maxwell

During a leadership development seminar, a newly promoted supervisor asked me, “How do I get people to respect me as their leader?” To this I replied, “You don’t get their respect. You have to earn their respect.”

Leadership and respect does not necessarily go together. Many leaders thought that the title supervisor or manager automatically brings power and authority. To a certain degree, yes it does. People respect you because you’re the boss, or else . . . This is called “positional power” which is inherent in the description of leadership positions. It’s a given.

Genuine respect, however, is generously bestowed upon the leader who leads with a heart. It is based on the premise that “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This is called “personal power” and is not dependent upon the authority that goes with that leadership position.

Leadership Development Is a Must

How does one develop the attributes of personal power?

Here’s a short story to tell . . . One day, the owner of a small plantation brought his most trusted farmer to an adjacent land much bigger than his own and said, “If you keep working hard, sooner than later, all these land will be mine.” If you were the farmer, what would you think?

. . . and the farmer thought, “What about me?”

One can never forget the wisdom of an exceptional leader who walked his talk, and admonished the rest of us budding leaders back then; “In order to effectively lead people, align personal with organizational goals.” Until now, that leadership wisdom still rings a bell in my ears.

In my years of dealing with different organizations, I have seen employees work in moderately sized family-run companies their whole lives. When asked what made them stay, the answer is pure and simple, “We feel like we are part of the family. We belong.” I can almost hear the owner say, “If WE keep working hard, sooner than later, all these land will be OURS.” True leadership is transforming the ME to WE!

And this is what John Maxwell said of leadership; “You don’t need a position to lead, because for the leader who leads with a heart, there will always be a position.”

Be well, and lead well.


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