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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

"A lot of people want too fast and too high of returns on their investment, instead of just letting the investment work itself." - John Maxwell

How do you compare leadership development to planting a seed?

In my elementary years, I almost failed in one subject – agriculture. You see, when I plant something I want the seed to grow ASAP. To make it happen, I dig it up every day and see if it has grown. I also make sure the surrounding is spotless clean. To ensure no grass grows, I take out the seed and till the soil again, removing all types of grass in the process, and return the seed to its position. This happens every day.

Leadership development is very much akin to planting a seed . . . you must pick the best potential, prepare the environment for learning, and provide proper training.

Few weeks passed, my plant grew very little and remained a seedling while the others were ready for harvest. I wondered why . . . just couldn't understand why a plant so well-taken refused to grow.

Isn't it funny that we experience the same when we do leadership development? We know we've done our best, and yet people just don't seem to grow . . . and we wonder why!

Leadership Development . . .

The Art of Leadership Development is an Art of Sowing (and Reaping)

Later in life I learned that when you sow, you don't reap immediately. You have to be patient, invest a lot of time and let it work. This same principle applies when you invest in PEOPLE.

If you look more closely, leadership development is investing in people. And just like planting a seed, leadership development takes time and effort. You have to teach them the right things to do, and walk with them through the journey of leadership development. You must have that nurturing spirit, because the journey is long . . .

People are your best investment, no matter what business you're in. Just like a seed, however, you don't "sow today and expect to reap tomorrow." Some say it's difficult to find good people nowadays, and I would say there are still many of them out there – the "diamond in the rough," which you shall find if you seek hard enough. Just like a seed . . . you cannot see the tree when you look at it, yet you know that there is "treeness" inside.

You need to invest in people – set well-defined expectations, equip them with the tools needed for their functions, and help them develop the necessary skills to perform well. Then, sit back and watch them grow. In due time, you will reap what you have sown. When this happens, you will know the true meaning of leadership development.

And this is what John Maxwell said; "Sow the seed, be patient, and let it work." What you sow, you shall reap.

  This holds true in leadership development as well.

  Be well, and lead well.

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