Get Rich Quick

Financial IndependenceThanks for taking the time to read. I really thought you’d just click “exit” and am quite certain many are doing just that.

We’ve been bombarded by similar messages in our mailbox (virtual or otherwise), day-in and day-out, too many to count and so much so that we become allergic even at the mere sight of those words. However . . .

Here is exactly how to get rich quick. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

Alright, I hear somebody say “But I have no blessings. What is there to count?” If you happen to have similar thoughts, Think Again! Everyone can find some blessings if they but look more closely . . .

LOVE. The love of your family, friends and your natural inclination to love in return. Isn’t that a blessing? When my son made a presentation in school about “That Strange Thing Called Love,” it made me ponder. This feeling that many call ‘love’ is the fountain from which all other blessings flow, even if just simply wishing the very best of those closest to you, and an abiding positive wish for all the best of life for them.

LIVELIHOOD. Anything that allows you to live a life – your job, business, vocation or profession. There may be some days you dread the sound of the alarm clock, and you drag yourself out of bed to face another day of problems to solve – facing the same people and bearing with them because you have “no choice,” everything that puts your patience to the test – it is, after all, a blessing.

Recently, I had a talk with somebody whose company is affected by the global crisis, and this is how our discussion went . . .

John: My friend, we’re doing straight-time work, which means we have no more overtime. It drastically affected my take-home pay.

Me: My friend, count it as a blessing. There are many who don’t even have an hour of work.

John: But my friend, management is taking out a lot of our benefits. We have no more “family day” unlike before.

Me: My friend, count it as a blessing. There are many whose families left them because they have no jobs.

John: But my friend, I’m afraid . . .

Me: My friend, you’re asking for too much. When God gives what you ask, you are fully blessed. When you don’t receive what you ask, you are blessed two times over, because God will give it to you in His own time.

LIFE. Yes, life itself. Don’t you think?

Last Sunday, 24th of July , the matriarch of my clan died at 96 (a few days short of her 97th birthday). She was a great lady and lived life to the fullest, counting the blessings her whole life. I know, because I’ve seen her give so much even when there’s almost no more to give. How I wish to be like her . . .

As I’m writing this, somebody knocked – the bill collector. One day in the past, somebody allowed me to use some cash to answer an urgent need. I just realized, what a blessing.

The next time you are feeling low and ready to throw yourself a pity-party, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with your bills, just remember: Get Rich Quick. Count Your Blessings!

Have a blessed day!

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Always remember: Life is sweet, but short. Get rich quick. Count your blessings!