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Leadership Development ConsultantLeadership Development: The "M" Factor (where "M" = MAN)

. . . money, materials, machine, methods, and . . . MAN . . .

The difference between a well-MANaged organization and one that just bumps along is multidimensional leadership.

However, a lot of executives and well-meaning MANagers focus so much of their time and effort on the first four. Oftentimes they take for granted the last (do we really mean “but not the least?”).

It was never intended to be so, but when things go wrong . . . MAN.

There is no guarantee either, that focusing on MAN would ensure success. Such a large and complex organism which leaders find difficult to MANage.

So, how does one become effective?

More than anything else, success is a result of being prepared! This is the mission of Maximum Performance Consulting - to help companies prepare their people to succeed. For decades, we have gone through the motions of study, research, and actual practice. We now offer “theory and experience” to develop the leadership potential of the most significant factor of an organization – MAN.

We believe that effectiveness can be learned.
It must be learned!

"In the last analysis management is practice.
Its essence is not knowing but doing.
Its test is not logic but results.
Its only authority is performance."

In leadership development, we dig where the diamonds are!

The goal of training in leadership development is improved performance. Learning provides an individual with the potential to perform better; performance is the evidence that the potential has been realized.

With this realization, MaP Consulting focuses its efforts to help companies improve leadership performance. We implement a methodology to ensure client satisfaction based on results – from training room to work station.

Leadership Development Phase 1: Diagnose

At the exploratory phase, before start of engagement, discussions focus on the following significant aspects:

  • Target Participants 
  • Why do they need training? 
  • Baseline Data 
  • Expectations 
  • Support Systems 

This phase provides clear direction, and establishes relevancy of the leadership development program. It ensures we are doing the appropriate intervention for the right groups of people, which the company can sustain even long after.

Leadership Development Phase 2: Design

For our Training, Coaching and Consulting Services, activities focus on the few critical areas based on client needs. These are areas with the most impact to organizational performance – leadership, HR systems, policies and procedures, and team development to name a few.

Concentrating on "people skills," MaP Consulting designs programs to help employees work up to their full potential and maximum performance capability.

Leadership Development Phase 3: Deliver

MaP Consulting employs multi-dimensional learning strategies, mainly utilizing interactive group techniques – experiential methodologies and structured learning experiences. We find that these techniques dramatically improve learning capability and hasten on-job application back at work.

Learning is best when learners enjoy the process. We make sure that the learning process should not be "dead and dull" by having lecture inputs and work-simulated workshops, interspersed with "magic moments." These activities help to drive home critical inputs and at the same time provide entertainment and fun. Undeniably, it adds more value to an exciting adventure where learning becomes one big, unforgettable magical experience.

Leadership development activities are concluded with "Future Pace" which allows participants to design implementing action plans. This ensures productive application when they go back to their respective fields of work, obtaining maximum return on investment.

MaP Consulting offers HR and management consulting and mentoring. Email rmisoles@yahoo.com for detailed info.