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Thursday, October 04, 2018

What is Consulting?

Consulting means to give professional advice in a specific area of concern. Consulting can be performed in a wide range of issues such as HR management, performance management, rightsizing and outplacement, organizational development, management development and succession planning.

Other areas may cover general business consulting - marketing and sales, communication, profitability acceleration, and overall business improvement.

These are the areas we at The Leaders’ Ladder can provide our professional expertise.

What type of work is involved in Consulting?

In consulting, the consultant provides the company or client with a specific service or their expert knowledge in their field for a specified amount of time. The job of a consultant is to enable the client to find a lasting solution to their specific problem by offering them advice and/ or pertinent information in that field.

When we do consulting, we ensure that the client receives complete focus and use our skills of thought, analysis and brainstorming to come up with a solution and relevant ideas.

What makes a great Consultant?

The consultants’ expertise should be backed with theory and experience in the line of their chosen fields. The Leaders’ Ladder is proud to say we have both: trained and certified by the American Consultants League; and more that three decades as corporate executive. We don't only talk . . . we have walked our talk!

What are the different types of Consultants?

There are two general types of consultants: specialists and generalists. A consulting specialist tends to focus on one area of practice such as a specific area of expertise or a specific industry. A generalist focuses on a wider area of consulting. These types of consultants typically go to work for a firm that gives general type of advice to many different companies.

The Leaders’ Ladder specializes on leadership and business development and has a proven track record to back it up!

What to look for when you need a Consultant?

When you need a consultant, look for somebody who has the ability to not only offer advice, but also create ideas, insights and share knowledge in their area of expertise. But how would you know? You will find out during the exploratory meeting by asking questions related to the issue at hand.

If we decide to engage the services of The Leaders’ Ladder, how do we get started?

To get started, we follow the Profitability Acceleration Roadmap by doing the Situation Assessment, a quick-action diagnostic phase.

Generally, it follows four major steps: 1) situation assessment, 2) creating a good working environment, 3) designing your Organization Blueprint, and 4) strengthening your capability by installing high-performance systems.

If you want to find out whether The Leaders’ Ladder fits your card, let's set a 40-minute FREE strategy session. I know your time (and mine) is valuable, and to ensure we don't waste time, here are some starter questions to provide meaningful focus to our meeting. (Please download the simple questioner below and email it back to me with your responses.)

Thursday, October 04, 2018

As Consultant . . .

WHAT WE DO: We help SMEs (small-medium enterprises) successfully manage business systems and processes to contribute to long-term productivity and profitability.

HOW WE DO IT: By doing the initial business analysis, we uncover hidden assets and opportunities within a business and create a profit acceleration plan for quick implementation, followed by a strategic business development program for long-term improvement. This can be done offline for local clients, or online to eliminate barriers of time and space.

Business Management Consulting

WHAT WE DO: Achieving excellence in managing business systems and processes is clearly an attractive goal. How does a company achieve it? Executives should assess their company's position in terms of achieving excellence, and then chart a course of improvement tailored to the company's capabilities and needs. We intend to help Management do just that!

HOW WE DO IT: As Business Consultants, we will be looking into the four critical components of the business:

- Marketing and Sales Efficiency - Develop a more effective marketing and sales strategies/ action plans along with a motivated, trained, and accountable team;

- Improving Operations Management - Assist in managing core business operations more effectively to maximize overall productivity and margins;

- Managing and Preserving Cash Flow - Look into the company's financial procedures to enhance cash flow management which is critical to turning your company around, from better to best;

- Administrative Essentials - Install the basics of business operations to cover areas of recruitment, employee relations, CompBen, training and development, and corporate policies and procedures.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: Successfully managed business systems and processes may result to impressive improvements (these are actual results but may vary from one company to another):

- Service failures cut in half, contributing to service reliability 250% better than average;

- Reductions in production cycle time more than double the average;

- Productivity gains twice the average.

Executive Coaching

WHAT WE DO: You know how leaders find it so difficult to manage people, and often do it by trial and more errors. What we do is help these leaders flatten the learning curve and develop their skills in the shortest possible time . . . so that they immediately contribute to the bottomline productivity of the organization.

HOW WE DO IT: We start with diagnostics - determining real training needs, establishing baseline figures, and determining readiness of client to undergo transformational intervention. Based on the results, we create program design tailored to the client's specific needs, and implement leadership development in the most practicable and cost-effective manner.

HR Consulting

WHAT WE DO: Assist the organization study, analyze and clarify areas for improvement, and come up with strategies to address concerns for long-term effectiveness. By doing this intervention, the following outcomes are achieved:

- Create an ideal organizational structure aligned to company objectives;

- Build a strong management team of equipped and competent leaders;

- Establish a fully functional and effective HR capable of providing support which is vital in achieving company goals.

HOW WE DO IT: An effective HR covers: 1) Recruitment, Selection and Manpower Planning; 2) Training and Manpower Development; 3) Compensation and Benefits; 4) Employee and Labor / Management Relations, and 5) Health, Safety and Security. These key areas are the major focus during the duration of the project.


WHAT WE DO: Establish an MDP (Management Development Program) which outlines the Company's succession and career planning; and develop a Performance Management system for management-level positions in the leadership pipeline.

HOW WE DO IT: The MDP is carried out in 4 phases:

A. Assessment Phase – Conduct “leadership skills inventory” to identify employees with leadership potentials for future deployment.

B. Evaluation Phase - Conduct initial evaluation of identified candidates as benchmark for future evaluation and assessment of readiness.

C. Development Phase - Create development plans for identified candidates in accordance to parameters set forth in the MDP.

D. Implementation Phase - Set future action plans to ensure program continuity.

These are just sample programs we have done for clients, based on their specific requirements. If you find our expertise relevant to your needs, let's schedule your 40-minute Strategy Session. Let's Talk!

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What others say . . .
Rey is a multifaceted person who is able to captivate a manifold of audience. His creativity with the use of some practical fixtures, enable him to bring his point across to his listeners in a more regaling and riveting fashion. I recommend him in the area of human resource training and other business consultancy.
- Melvin Cañedo, Manager at Sun Savings Bank

Rey is a well - rounded business partner and seasoned labor relations specialist. His vast experience in manufacturing industry makes him a trustworthy business consultant.
- Oliver Requilman, Certified HR Professional

Diplomatic and very professional Manager. Rey Misoles belongs to the leaders who empowers people.
- Ginalyn Casinillo, Assistant Admin Manager (Aboitizland, Inc.)

Rey is a consummate human resource development professional. Hands-on. Top-notch communicator.
- Oliver Nuñez, Jr., Vernila Realty Sidekick Service

Good evening! I learned a truckful of lessons from our BEST. My life perspective has undergone a little shift now. I have seen a clearer path that, if pursued, could bring me to places. Thank you for imparting to us these valuable life tools. Thank you very much. God Bless!
- Francis Anthony Gesta, IT Supervisor (This leader eventually became a full-fledged Manager in a few months.)

Hi Sir! Thank you for all your valuable inputs during our two-days training on Basic Supervision. I have attended a lot of seminars but this was the first time I have encountered a Resource Speaker who dwelt more on actual situations in a working environment. Retention of lessons learned was higher compared to those who dwelt more on theories. Rest assured, all things learned from you will not be put into waste . . . Till we meet again.
- Ivy, Celestica
Minglanilla, Cebu
Philippines 6046