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Development Blueprint

"In leadership development, we dig where the diamonds are!"

The goal of leadership development is improved performance . . . Learning provides an individual with the potential to perform better; performance is the evidence that the potential has been realized.

With this realization, MaP Consultancy focuses its efforts to help companies improve leadership performance. We implement a methodology to ensure client satisfaction based on results – from training room to work station.

Leadership Development Phase 1: Diagnose

At the exploratory phase, before start of engagement, discussions focus on the following significant aspects:

Target Audience
Rationale of the Program
Baseline Data
Support Systems

This phase provides clear direction, and establishes relevancy of the leadership development program. It ensures we are doing the appropriate intervention for the right groups of people, which the company can sustain even long after.

Leadership Development Phase 2: Design

For our Training, Coaching and Consulting Services, activities focus on the few critical areas based on client needs. These are areas with the most impact to organizational performance – leadership, HR systems, policies and procedures, and team development to name a few.

Concentrating on "people skills," MaP Consultancy designs programs to help employees work up to their full potential and maximum performance capability.

Leadership Development Phase 3: Deliver

MaP Consultancy employs multi-dimensional learning strategies, mainly utilizing interactive group techniques, experiential methodologies and structured learning experiences. We find that these techniques dramatically improve learning capability and hasten on-job application back at work.

Learning is best when learners enjoy the process. We make sure that the learning process should not be "dead and dull" by theoretical inputs, work-simulated practice application, and guided implementation. These activities help to drive home critical inputs in a safe and environment without fear of reprisal. Undeniably, it adds more value to an exciting adventure where learning becomes one big, unforgettable "magical" experience.

Leadership development activities are concluded with "Future Pace" which allows participants to design implementing action plans. This ensures productive application when they go back to their respective fields of work, obtaining maximum return on investment.

MaP Consultancy offers HR and Management Consulting and Mentoring. eMail rmisoles@yahoo.com or rey@leadersladder.org for detailed info.

The Leaders’ Ladder

People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. This is leadership at work!

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Socrates "Rey" Misoles

Socrates "Rey" Misoles

HR and Management Consultant

2010 PEOPLE Awardee
People Enhancing Opportunities Propelling Leadership Excellence
and Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Carmenville Subd., Tunghaan, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines • 6046
0933-3631841 • (632) 490-2916 • rmisoles@yahoo.comrey@leadersladder.org


Over 20 years hands-on experience with more than 5 companies in different industries (local and multinational) as HR Executive; and more than two decades as HR and Management Consultant / Corporate Trainer.

• Strategic and tactical HR functions aligned with overall corporate goals and objectives: Employee and Labor Relations, Compensation Management, Organization / Manpower Planning and Development.

• Strong technical competence, self-motivated and keen orientation towards bottom-line results with high degree of corporate flexibility from years of exposures to different organizations.



• Conducts training and seminars, both in-house and public-run programs, particularly in Leadership Development.

In-House Training and Seminars (Partial Listing)

- Agusan Plantations, Inc. - Perspectives in Supervising and Managing People for all Managers and Supervisors (4 Divisions)
- Mactan Rock – Strategic Planning for BOD and Owners
- RAFI – Speak To Win: A Speaker’s Workshop for Trainers/ Leaders
- Thinking Tools, Inc. – Super CUSTOMER Service for Sales Teams and Leadership Blueprint for Managers and Supervisors
- General Milling Corporation – Trade Marketing for Sales and Mktg
- San Miguel Corporation-Beer Division – Ki-SMArt (Teambonding and Stress Management) - 7 batches for different departments
- SOPHI – C.A.S.E. (Coaching Aptitude for Supervisory Effectiveness)
- SIG – Getting W.E.T. (Workshop In Effective Teambonding)
- MATIMCO – ChaMP (Change Management for Productivity) and Team Coordinators’ Program on Basic Supervision for Team Leaders
- Cebu Keppel Shipyard, Inc. – WAVE (Work Attitude and Values Enhancement) conducted plantwide for 2 sequels

• In-house clients include: Coralpoint, Inc., Gaisano Capital, Julie’s Bakeshop, RAFI, NEC, SIG, Mactan Rock, Cal-En, LEAR, CP Kelco, FedEx, MCWD, Primary Structures Corp.,Thinking Tools, Inc., Celestica, SOPHI, and others.


• Full-phase Job Evaluation while working with Maitland-Smith as HR Manager, in coordination with a consulting group, up until the process of creating the appropriate salary structure for the organization.

• Full-phase Job Evaluation for Phil. Iino, Corp. – a Japanese multinational in MEPZ, with the results revisited and fine-tuned 2 years after, while retained as HR/ Management Consultant at the same time.


• Julie’s Bakeshop (2012-2014) – HR Mgt and Executive Consultant
• Coralpoint, Inc. (2013) – HR and Marketing Consultant
• Global Dimension Company (2012-2013) – Business Mgt Consultant
• Gaisano Capital (2010-2012) – HR and Mgt Consultant
• La Nueva Supermart, Inc. (2007 - 2011) – Human Resource Mgt. System and Executive Coaching
• Lexmark Phils. (2003-2006) – HR Policies and Pocedures formulation
• Philippine Iino Corporation (2003-2008) – HR Management System and Executive Coaching
• Lexmark Research and Development Corp. (2006) – HR Policies and Pocedures formulation
• ANSECA-ACELCO Ventures, Inc. (2004-2006) – HR / Mgt Consultant


• American Consultants League
• American University of NLP
• Cebu Toastmasters Club – VP for Education
• Supreme Court of the Philippines – Accredited Court Mediator
• PMAP (Personnel Management Association of the Philippines)
• PSTD (Philippine Society for Training and Development)

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Leadership Excellence . . .

May 16, 2010 – Sun.Star Cebu

When he is most down, a person can stay at the bottom or rise and be the best he can be.

The two latest recepients of the People Enhancing Opportunities Propelling Leadership Excellence (PEOPLE) award chose the later and succeeded.

For Rey Misoles, success is something one has to work for. Being passive will not get anyone anywhere.

After graduating from accountancy in a (university) in Southern Leyte, he took the job as a contractual utility clerk in Pepsi Cola, a job he knew he didn't want to have for the rest of his life.

From the beginning, he knew he was born to lead.

He originally took up electrical engineering but had to quit school because of lack of funds. He enrolled in a (out-of-school-youth) program of Don Bosco where he was trained to use machinery.

He then landed a job as an assistant to a mill operator. But the job drained him physically. After a month, he found out he had a lung problem that could lead to tuberculosis. He was advised to stop working for a year.

He decided to study and take up accountancy, and that was where it started.

He recalled being asked in a job interview by the supervisor where he sees himself in five years. Misoles answered, "In five years, I will sit in a chair like that."

He did it in four years. He became a Human Resource manager in another company and sat in his dream chair. Now, he is the CEO of his consultancy group.

Camille Canapi Carballo/ UP Mass Comm Intern

Leadership starts with . . . Yourself!

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Code of Ethics
As a Member and Certified Professional Consultant, I uphold the Code of Ethics of the American Consultants League!

1.  I am competent in my field.

2.  I will always make every attempt to identify the client’s real problems.

3.  I will always clearly specify my role in the client’s project or assignment.

4.  I will adapt to the individuality of my client’s problems.

5.  My recommendations will be feasible.

6.  I will at all times avoid any conflict of interest.

7.  I will never fail to perform my services to the best of my abilities.

8.  I will never deceive my client.

9.  I will never be negligent.

10. I will always inform my client of the risks of any undertaking.

11. I will always inform my client of my basic approach to his / her problem.

12. The matter of my fee will always be presented forthrightly so that my client will always know what his / her money will buy.

13. I will maintain total confidentiality with regard to my client’s business.

14. I will always work to the best of my ability to insure the quick success of my client’s project.

15. Charges for expenses over and above my regular fee will always be fair and accurate.

16. I will never accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to my client.

Minglanilla, Cebu
Philippines 6046