. . . no one willingly follows someone for long who is guilty of the 7 deadly sins of leadership:


"It's all about me" - my ideas, my way, what's good for me. People will walk away if their boss' arrogance, self-serving interests and constant need to take credit for the good work of others kill their interest and enthusiasm.


People hate leaders with a total indifference to the feelings of others, leaders who are clueless about what they say or the decisions they make in the business and their effects on others’ work and lives. People will walk away if their boss' failure to consider their feedback and lack of empathy unexpectedly kills their motivation.

Lack of Credibility

A leader's word is important. People will walk away if a leader always breaks his promise, does not "walk his talk" or misses vital points in a presentation or during a briefing.


People resent it if they feel their leader does not trust them to do what they are capable of doing. Competent followers know how to do their jobs in ways that are in the best interests of the company, and mistrust kills their initiative, turns them into "mechanical robots" doing the motion just to fill the time.


There's no better way to create confusion among the ranks than having an indecisive leader. People begin to lose trust with a boss who is unable to make strong decisions on relevant matters, and stick to it until results are obtained. It kills enthusiasm and motivation to move forward..


No matter what anybody says or does . . . it isn't right. The glass is ALWAYS half-empty, the sky is ALWAYS falling, and when something doesn't turn out well . . . "See, I TOLD you it wouldn't work!" People walk away from a leader who sees the bad side of things all the time. This negative attitude dampens the spirit and destroys any motivation to turn problems into opportunities.

Lack of Direction

Vision is the primary and most important quality for a leader to possess. It is this sense of direction that draws him forward. A leader without a vision is like a traveler who has no direction as to where he is going. A leaders who lacks a sense of direction, and is unclear of the organization's vision and purpose eventually destroys the people's willingness to get behind and follow.
The Leadership Blueprint - How To Be A Better Leader,
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The Leaders' Ladder

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Leadership Blueprint . . . For Leaders At All Levels
Do you have what it takes to be a LEADER?
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Fellow Leader

When you are placed in a leadership position, you'd love to believe that you are the most suited person for the job and are so positive that you can lead people towards good business . . . or so you think. Now facing reality, you begin to question your capabilities, and even have that strange feeling of wanting to go back, sometimes.

However . . .

You may be an expert in your field and personally good at what you do, but if your intention is growing the business then you have to be able to bring on and lead others effectively. Without followers, you will be limited to doing only what you are capable of doing alone. Without committed followers, growth isn't possible.

No matter how great the company or the job is . . .
Personally, I wouldn't recommend anything I have not proven myself. As leader of more than three decades, and having risen from the ranks, I "talk my walk." And what took me years of trial-and-error is distilled in a 27-page concise, direct-to-the-point lessons you can easily appropriate as your own.

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The VISION of SuperVISION - This is a basic requisite of a good leader . . . A must for every leader!
Developing True Strength - Strength of Character - Integrity . . . Ignore this and you have a leader whose foundation is built on sand!
Communicate for Results - If there's one skill every leader should acquire, it is the ability to communicate effectively . . . for results!
It talks about:
Evolution of The Leader's Ladder
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